Shihan David Zarb

 20130221-083921.jpg SHIHAN DAVID ZARB-

Our Master David is a true master. Martial arts is not only his passion , but a lifestyle & journey in itself. He empowers others with his extensive knowledge and skills. David has dedicated his life to the advancement of Goju Ryu Karate and Cheng Ming International Kung Fu.   The Martial Arts journey is long, interesting , challenging & expansive. 

Studying Karate since 1969 (15 yrs of age)

Studying Tai Chi since 1979 (25 yrs of age)


> Completion Year 12 Strathmore High School
> Godan 5th Dan Black belt (master) Goju Ryu Karate
> Tai Chi Chuan Coach CHeng Ming International 
> Hsing I Coach & Ba Gau Coach
> MAIA Accredited coach 
> Level 2 first aid
> International Referee NAS
> Karate Victoria Senior State kata coach
> Cert IV Workplace assessment and training 
> Diploma sports coaching & development
> Director of Art of Defence Australia
> Chairman Cheng Ming Australia
> WWWC & current police check 

 Martial Arts Travel experiences:

< Numerous interstate trips inc Sydney, Brisbane 
< Japan 5 times
< New Zealand 9 times
< Taiwan 18 times
< Italy
< Israel