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Art Of Defence Australia is an Australian family owned and operated company that has spent the past 24 years promoting the art of good physical and mental well being.

ADA is into the healthy growth and development of its clients through Fun, Fitness and Self Defence.

 With over 46 years of experience our Chief Coach and Head of Style, Master David Zarb, can trace his lineage back to the birth of Karate. Alongside wife Amelia and Amelia’s daughter Gabby, they carry on the traditions of Cheng Ming Kung Fu and Goju Ryu Karate.


Delivering up to date sports-coaching principles and methods in state of the art training facilities ensures optimal safety and learning for every ADA student.

“All of our children have trained in Karate from very young ages. I literally had no access to babysitters while our kids were growing up, so they had to come to work with us. Training on a daily basis brought fantastic results to our children on both academic and social levels. They have proven to be confident and caring leaders in their adulthood. Gabby is still very much enjoying Karate.” Why choose Art of Defence? spacerIt’s simple, we’re family. Amelia Zarb– Proprietor and Director of ADA